Where logic and savings sit under one roof. Yours.

Infinity Power specialises in all things renewable energy related.

Infinity Solar is Changing

In 2013, Infinity Power was initially launched as a sub-brand of its big brother – Infinity Solar. With the requirements of our customers increasing, so did our business. Infinity Power not only is the best choice for your solar power requirements, but we now cater for a whole variety of household and business power needs.

Infinity Solar is Changing

Who we are, what we do

Infinity has been looking into new and innovative ways to help reduce your costs of living, without having to compromise on your quality of life.

Energy is all around us, and there is an ever increasing number of technologies that can help us all do more with less – solar power being just one of them.

Harnessing these varied technologies to deliver the best energy outcomes for our clients is the vision that has led us to create additional ways to save. We have discovered a range of clever ways to help you further reduce your energy costs, generate more power, or simply spend time in the comfort of your home, guilt free.

Infinity. It’s where logic and savings sit comfortably under one roof. Yours.

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